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Do you need a Virtual business seat address in Prague?

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Virtual Office/seat in Prague

We provide virtual office and virtual business seats for companies and self-employed persons.

Our business seat allows you to register your business there and use that address for the authorities (tax office, social and health insurance offices, etc.); 
we will provide the permission of the landlord required for registering at that address. Happiness and satisfaction of every client is very important for us.

What is Virtual business seat and why do you need it?

Every company and trade licence holder/self-employed person who registers their own business needs to obtain the consent of the landlord that the person/company can register his/its business seat in his premises. If you do not have a place where you can register your business, you will need Virtual business seat (Virtual office is just a different name for business seat.)

Get your business seat in Prague for 450 Czk per month including the resending of your mail!

Do you want to change your business seat address? We will do it for FREE.